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Hey there drivers!
Its been awhile since you have gotten a update from me. First thing, I want to say, Thank you everyone for your corporation over the past month with Lucasi leaving the VTC. Its been a rough ride getting things together again and pushing out updates for the guidelines, working on fixing bugs with the dispatcher, and a bunch of other work I been doing behind the scenes. And with all the work I been doing is why you haven’t really got a update from me, plus had some thing in my personal life to take care. And I am sorry to everyone who has waited couple of days for your loads to be taken care of.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sweone, our one manager has left the VTC couple of weeks ago, due to personal reasons. So I am now bring someone on to the team to help us out on getting the loads checked. You may or may not know him but his name is, Itz_Wardy. Please make sure you give a warm welcome to Wardy to the staff team. I am happy to announce that.

The biggest thing for this update is, We are going to have forums again for the VTC. Its something I been working on behind the scenes. BUT if you were with us before we got rid of our forums before using MyBB, those forums were for drivers only. The public really couldn’t do anything on there. Well, that will change, We will have more public forums where people can come chat about the game, chat with us about the our VTC, etc.  I am hoping for the release of that for next week sometime. Now with these forums, All drivers are required to be on there and use it. I want it used often, but more info of all you can do on there will come out closer to the release of the forums.


Now on the last part of this update, We are aware of you guys wanting trailers and more truck skins. I want to note that, Yes, we are working on getting them together. But the first thing we are doing, is reworking the VTC Logo so it will be the same on the site, truck, trailer, FB page, etc. Its so not everything will look different, it will give everything the same kind of look, except for the design we pick for each. But we will give more of an update about skins, when we get closer to coming out with them. You may also see, that one day the top header (Logo) of the VTC on the dispatcher may just change, and if you notice it… Most likely means, Skins are coming soon. 🙂


If you have any questions about this update, Please comment below as I will be reply to everyone.


Speedy 🙂

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