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Hey there drivers!! Lucasi and I are proud to announcement that our NEW dispatcher is ready to be released! Now with this being said, You need to register your self so your steam account is linked. As soon as you register, Please let us know in the chat and we will change you over to a driver.

Couple of things before you submit any loads, Make sure you download the new Telemetry on the “Download” Page. All downloads are now coming off our server now so no more ads from like Mediafire or Sharemods (If you got any before 😉 ). Second, MAKE sure you read over the form to submit loads to be sure you know what you need now. There are couple of things that were added.

Also with the telemetry, It now has a Half-Auto-Logging system. It will create the job in the dispatcher with some info, than you have to go on and input the rest of the info plus the screenshot. (If some reason its not working, Please let us know ASAP)

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