Not going as planned….

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Hello Drivers, Just a quick update as of whats going on. This past week, I had a accident heading work. Not to bad, I am fine but my truck isn’t. But now I have more things to pay for like a fine, bills to fix my truck, etc. But with this being said, Lets keep up the hard work and we will get through this together. I know its been a bit slow with updates, and getting the site finished, but I just been very busy with work. And now I have to fix my truck now.

As most of you know, there is no partnerships with any company, no ads on the site. I pay out of pocket in order to keep this VTC running. If you would like, (not required to do so but you can if you want) you may donate some money to the VTC. All money that is donated goes straight toward the VTC, It will never see light of day anywhere else. You can use this link to send money to me to support the VTC:


But I would like to thank everyone who is still around and sticking through the slow period. At some point, I will do something to make it up to everyone.




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